Save a Password to Encrypt an outgoing Email

It is not essential to save the Passwords you use to encrypt an outgoing message, it is just more convenient.  If you do not have a password saved for a specific recipient, when you send a Password Encrypted Email, you will be prompted to provide a password and have the option of saving the password for future use.  Alternatively, you can set up a password for individual recipients as follows:

  1. Click the "Message Passwords" icon on the Outlook toolbar.

Password encryption menu

  1. To create and save a Password to encrypt an outgoing message, select the "Send" tab and click "Add".

Password encryption list

  1. Enter the recipient's email address and password applicable.  Click "Save" to add the password to your Mail Passwords.

Add or update message passwords

  1. The Password you have saved will be added to the list of Outgoing passwords.

    Note: The password is shown in plain text, in case you forget the password when using the Auto Encrypt option over a period of time.
    It is possible to store multiple passwords for the same recipient but you will be prompted to choose the password required when sending a Password Encrypted message. If you want to change the Password for a recipient, use the Edit function.

Password encryption list after update

  1. You are now ready to automatically encrypt messages to the recipient added when you select the "Password Encryption" on the Outlook toolbar and click the "Send" button.