Send a Password Encrypted Email

Sending a Password encrypted message is essentially the same as sending an email using Mirracrypt encryption.  Except, of course, you provide the password that generates the encryption key. You can provide the Password "on-the-fly" when prompted or, you can automatically use a saved Password for each recipient. 

  1. Open the window to compose a message in Outlook 2003 or 2007.

  1. Select "Password Encryption" from the drop-down list. The location of the drop-down list may vary between Outlook versions, but Outlook 2003 and 2007 are shown below.  In Outlook 2007, the Encryption options are available from the Security ribbon on the Outlook compose message window.

Outlook 2003

  Select the Encryption type and click "Send".

Outlook 2007

    Click the Security ribbon to show the Mirracrypt encryption options.

  1. Compose the message and add any formatting, attachments or images required.  When you have finished, click the Outlook "Send" button. 
  1. If you have not previously saved a password for the intended recipient, then enter the password in the next screen and click "OK".  You can also choose to save the password for this recipient so that you can automatically encrypt messages you send in the future.

Enter password for encryption

The message is encrypted with the password provided and sent in the normal manner.  

The recipient must know the password you have used in order to decrypt the message.  The recipient can also save a password for a specific sender so that the email is automatically decrypted on receipt.